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Join Sean Davies, Wolfgang Kerschbaum and Christoph Kerschbaum at PESM & PlaCEP 2024.

The 14th Plasma Etch and Strip for Micro-, Nano-, and Bio-Technologies (PESM) conference and the 2nd Workshop on Plasma Cryogenic Etch Processes (PlaCEP) will take place in June 2024 at imec, Leuven, Belgium.

◉ Location: Leuven, Belgium

Date & Time:10th-12th June, 2024

These workshops aim to facilitate open discussions between scientists, engineers, PhD students, and industry partners. Topics will cover both fundamental and applied research in dry etching and other vacuum-based removal techniques.

PESM 2024 will cover:

  • Semiconductor processing for power and photovoltaics
  • Advanced memory technologies
  • MEMS, photonics, imagers, and advanced logic applications
  • Emerging plasma etching concepts and technology
  • Ion beam processes and combined plasma surface preparation and vapor etch technologies

PlaCEP 2024 will emphasize:

  • Plasma chemistries at cryogenic temperatures
  • Si and III-V compounds, including high aspect ratio nanoholes for 3D NAND fabrication
  • Atomic Layer Etching (ALE)

Join us in Leuven, for an exciting exchange of ideas and advancements in plasma etch and strip technologies.

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