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Join Aadil Akhtar from Hiden Analytical and Khalid Rbii from France Scientific at Plasma thin film international union meeting, Plathinium 2023. The event is being held in Antibes, France from 11th-15th September.

The topics deal with a wide range of plasma configurations from low to atmospheric pressure using plasma excitation methods at varying frequencies and confinement by magnetic fields also. PLATHINIUM 2023 will also focus on the applications from traditional to innovative fields such as thin films and coatings in micro and optoelectronics, automotive, aeronautics industries, and expands to nanoparticles and multifunctional nanocomposites fabrication and to emerging new fields such as plasmas, thin films and nanostructures used in environmental, energy, biomedical and agricultural applications.

Visit Aadil and Khalid at the booth and learn more about our instruments for plasma research.

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