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This technical meeting was held from 23 to 25 June 2021, at the Eden Paradise Hotel in Korea.

The subject was the Hydrogen transfer cycle.

An active group of professors and researchers from a wide selection of universities from all over Korea attended the event. The event was successful, with good presentations and discussions throughout the 2 days of the meeting.

Jung Woo Lee (pictured) from Scinco exhibited at the meeting on behalf of Hiden Analytical and featured the QGA, HPR-40 DEMS and other of Hiden’s wide product range of gas analysis and TPD instruments. These instruments and Hiden’s experience of catalysis and thermal analysis applications, including Hydrogen measurements and reactions, meant there was strong interest from many of the delegates.


The QGA Quantitative Gas Analyser is a high performance gas analyser configured for real-time continuous monitoring of multiple species with an extremely wide dynamic range. Find out more by visiting the QGA product page or send us a message.