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Hiden recently exhibited at Vacuum Expo 2014, 15th & 16th October 2014, Ricoh Arena Coventry, UK. Here we launched our New Compact SIMS Tool for Surface Analysis. Find out more about the Compact SIMS – Click Here

Vacuum Expo is the UK’s Premier Vacuum Technologies Exhibition and Conference, bringing together top supplier companies and science groups all under one roof.

Vacuum Expo’s remit is to provide a meeting place for users of vacuum technologies and to be a venue for education and training in the use and control of vacuum. It embraces industry needs, emerging technologies and challenges for vacuum technologies in science, space, energy and industry.

Vacuum Expo

The Hiden Compact SIMS tool is designed for fast and easy characterisation of layer structures, surface contamination and impurities with sensitive detection of positive ions being assisted by the oxygen primary ion beam and provides isotopic sensitivity across the entire periodic table. The ion gun geometry is optimised to be ideal for nanometre depth resolution and near surface analysis.

A rotary carousel enables 10 samples to be simultaneously loaded for measurement into the dry-pumped vacuum chamber. The instrument has a small footprint and is exceptionally easy to use, it boasts the same control software and ion gun system as the fully featured Hiden SIMS Workstation family, providing depth profiles, 3D and 2D images and mass spectral data. The MAXIM-600P detector is based around the highly reliable Hiden 6mm triple quadrupole mass filter with pulse ion detection. An electron gun option is available for analysis of insulating samples.

In addition to SIMS, the Compact SIMS has an SNMS facility that is useful for quantification of high concentration elements, such as alloys.

– Solar cells
– Glass coatings
– Metallic thin films

– Small footprint
– Easy user friendly layout
– Positive SIMS and SNMS
– Depth Profiling
– 3D characterisation and imaging
– Mass spectra
– Isotopic analysis
– Analysis on the nanometre scale

For further information on this or any other Hiden Analytical products contact Hiden Analytical at: or visit the product page at Compact SIMS

Vacuum Expo

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