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The potential for deployment of cold plasma sources in medical and biological applications continues to increase in areas such as dentistry, surgery, wound sterilisation and general surface decontamination. Successful optimisation of these gas-phase cold plasmas requires detailed characterisation and quantification of the plasma beam to establish the actual abundances of the reactive species within the feed-gas and the variances with feed-gas composition.

The Hiden HPR-60 research mass spectrometer is conceived specifically for direct measurement of such reactive and gaseous species. The plasma is sampled from atmospheric pressure through orifices separating three sequential stages of high pumping-speed pressure reduction, forming the extracted sample into a molecular beam for undisturbed high-integrity transfer of the reactive gas-phase species through to the integrated mass spectrometer. The system directly measures both mass and energy of positive and negative ions, together with radicals and neutral species, with real time data presentation.

The system is integrated into a mobile cart, and is available with a choice of mass spectrometers for detection of species with molecular weights up to 2500 amu, all supplied with the Hiden MASsoft Pro-Scientific versatile operating program. A design service is available to assist with any user-specific plasma/mass spectrometer interface requirements.

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