TPD Workstation

A system for UHV temperature programmed desorption (TPD/TDS) studies

The TPD Workstation features a multiport UHV chamber with heated sample stage coupled to a high precision triple filter analyser with digital pulse ion counting detector for ultimate sensitivity and time resolution.

TPD Workstation for UHV temperature programmed (TPD/TDS) desorption studies


The Hiden TPD Workstation is a complete experimental system for UHV temperature programmed desorption (TPD) studies. The triple filter mass analyser is configured with a cooled shroud giving the analyser optimum sensitivity with minimum background contributions to desorption products from the sample. A fast sample load lock with sample transfer mechanism is included to provide for rapid sample change.


  • Hiden 3F PIC Mass Spectrometer for fast data acquisition (>500 data points per second)
  • Multiport UHV chamber for attachment of additional instrumentation (e.g. Ellipsometry)
  • Linear sample transfer mechanism and loadlock, including gate valve and viewport
  • Heated sample stage to 1000 °C
  • Z-drive for optimum sample/detector positioning
  • Bakeout Jacket (200 °C max)
  • Integrated Software control of experimental protocols




Hiden’s TPDsoft thermal analysis PC software included with the Workstation provides automatic control of sample temperature integrated with analyser control. TPD analysis routines (e.g. peak integration/deconvolution etc) are also included in this package.




MRF Tritium Capability | NNUF

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