MASsoft Professional

Software for mass spectrometer control

MASsoft Professional is a multilevel software package allowing both simple control of mass spectrometer parameters and complex manipulation of data and control of external devices.

MASsoft Professional


All Hiden instruments are supplied with MASsoft mass spectrometer control software.

Quick start tabs with user configurable single key start functions means novice users can start collecting data within seconds. Scan templates allow fast set up of scans from previous similar experiments.

User selected alarm facilities (including status indication with message send and output drive capability) provide powerful control for process environments.


  • Mass spectrometer ionisation energy control for soft ionisation of complex mixtures
  • Export data to NIST MS database for analysis of unknowns
  • Export to external data analysis software, e.g. Excel, Origin
  • Control of external devices, e.g. MFCs, gas switching/sampling valves and furnace PID controllers
  • Output data as percentage or ppm files
  • Real-time subtraction of overlapping peaks