QIC Series Inlets

Gas Sampling Options

Hiden offer a variety of inlet options for the QIC Series gas analysis systems. Capillary inlets are available to sample at pressures both above and below atmospheric pressure. The HT/HP sampling system provides for analysis with sample pressure at up to 30 bar.
Multi-stream inlets are offered for 8 ,16, 20, 40 or 80 streams.

A compact bench-top system for real time gas and vapour analysis


High pressure inlets are offered for sampling gases and vapours up to 30 bar, and special capillaries are offered for low pressure sampling down to 1 mbar. There is also a high temperature version of the QIC Inlet available for demanding applications.

Other options include heated capillary extensions, heated multi-stream inlets and hot-zone adaptors for sampling from furnaces (for example TGA-MS).


  • High temperature capillary inlet
  • High pressure/high temperature
  • Sampler
  • Low pressure capillaries
  • Heated capillary extension
  • Hot-zone inlets
  • Multi-stream selectors – 8, 16, 20, 40 and 80-way
  • Flexible RGA inlet for residual gas analysis at high vacuum