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Hydrogen, Deuterium and Tritium Analyses

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For precise determination of low molecular weight species

Hiden’s mass spectrometers are supplied fully vacuum integrated with dedicated process interface and gas handling system or in basic form for user process integration.


Precision analysis of low molecular weight gases is of critical importance for a range of scientific research studies, many are directly associated with the nuclear industry, fusion projects for example. Typical stringent applications include low abundance and impurity measurement, gas mixture quantification and precise isotope ratio measurement. The small swept volume is a major asset for analysis of minimal gas samples in applications such as geology and biomedicine.

Hiden Analytical ‘LoMASS’ series quadrupole mass spectrometers are designed for precise determination of low molecular weight species. Integration of the latest RF generation and 3-stage mass filter technology enables operation at twice conventional frequency rates providing major performance enhancement of both resolving power and abundance sensitivity.

‘LoMASS’ systems are available with mass range options 1 amu to 20 amu and 1 amu to 50 amu, with choice of mass filter pole diameters of 6mm, 9mm and 20mm to suit diverse applications. Peak tail contribution from mass 4 – helium, deuterium – for instance is less than 1 part-per-million (1 ppm) at adjacent masses. Mass peak widths of just 0.1 amu at 5% peak height are routinely used together with high detection sensitivity resulting from minimal transmission reduction.

The comprehensive software suite features fast analysis rates, multichannel monitoring and wide, 10-decade dynamic range.