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Hiden Analytical is responsible for the development and manufacture of a broad range of probes and mass spectrometers which can provide detailed diagnostic information and analytics for plasma research.

Plasma research is still a relatively new field which examines the state of charged particles of matter and the resulting ionization, as well as the ionization which results from the use of high-powered lasers. Hiden’s plasma analysers can provide insightful plasma research by defining the parameters which characterize a given plasma in real-time, with minimal perturbation and a range of energy and mass capacities.

Analysers for Plasma Research from Hiden Analytical

Plasma has expanded its use in various manufacturing and processing techniques. These encompass a wide range of applications, such as etching semiconductors, materials coatings, surface treatment. Fundamental to the effectiveness of this techniques is the plasma qualities and active species in the plasma. Research grade instruments to assist are of prime importance in understanding and improving the plasma for the particular application.

This article will explore some of the analysers and probes that Hiden Analytical provide to benefit plasma research:

EQP Mass Spectrometer & Energy Analyser

The Hiden EQP system is a mass spectrometer and energy analyser which examines negative and positive ions in plasma mass and energy. It also analyses neutrals and radicals from plasma processes, with potential plasma research applications in etching and deposition studies, ion implantation, laser ablation, and more.


It features a triple filter quadrupole with mass range options available from 1 to 300 amu up to 5000 amu for clusters analysis. The energy range starts at 0- 100 eV, with a maximum 1000 eV option available.

PSM Plasma Ion Analyser

The Hiden Plasma Sampling Mass Spectrometer (PSM) directly analyses mass or energy to measure plasma parameters such as positive ions, neutral, and radicals, providing detailed plasma research for the fields of plasma chemistry, nano particle detection, plasma etch end point detection, and pulsed laser deposition studies.

It features a highly sensitive and stable triple filter quadrupole with mass range options up to 510 amu.

ESPion Langmuir Probe

The ESPion is an advanced Langmuir probe designed to measure the electrical properties of low-pressure plasma, including plasma potential, electron temperature, ion density, and ion flux. The automatic extrapolation of plasma parameters provides detailed, real-time information on plasma parameters, allowing for crucial plasma research into areas of plasma characterization, plasma potential, electron temperature, and electron energy distribution.

ESPion is offered with a range of linear translators to provide spatially resolved analyses across the plasma volume with standard options available from 300mm up to 900mm movement.

It features the fastest pulsed plasma specifications and highest blocking impedance available in commercial probes.

A recent innovation includes the capability for Hiden ESPion to analyse plasma at atmospheric pressure.

HPR-60 MBMS Mass Spectrometer

The HPR-60 MBMS molecular beam mass spectrometer is designed for analysis of plasma ion and radicals at atmospheric pressure. It can provide negative and positive ion analysis, with mass range options from 1- 300 amu and up to 5000 amu for the analysis of clusters.

The sampling stage can be water cooled, and is available with a platinum tipped sampling orifice suitable for coupling to a broad range of reactors including combustion chambers operating  at high temperature, and pressure for the analysis of flame ionisation for example.

It features an integrated MCS mode option to accurately analyse pulsed plasma with a temporal resolution of 50 ns.

Plasma Analysers from Hiden Analytical

Hiden Analytical has demonstrable expertise in the development and manufacture of plasma analysers, having built a reputation for manufacturing quality mass spectrometers and probes over the past 35 years. Our devices are providing integral information to the field of plasma research, with practical applications including the measurement of plasma ions, neutrals, and radicals.

If you would like any more information about our range of plasma analysers, please send us a message.