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In the field of aviation and aerospace research, it’s crucial to understand how low-pressure, high-altitude conditions affect the human body. These studies can help ensure the safety and efficiency of flight and space crew selection and training.

In this Study

In a study by researcher Ding Junping, the Hiden HPR-20 R&D online gas analyser was utilized under low-pressure conditions, assessing its capability for real-time gas analysis. This gas analysis is important as it monitors potential risks like hypoxia and altitude decompression sickness.

The study involved multiple experiments in simulated high-altitude environments (0-10km), where the HPR-20 R&D measured changes in both standard and cabin air gas compositions, and inhaled gases when test subjects were breathing normally and on pure oxygen.


Results from the study showed the HPR-20 R&D provided reliable, accurate, and fast results under different low-pressure conditions. It demonstrated its ability to quickly measure changes in the concentration of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide gases during human respiration in low-pressure environments. It also fulfilled the real-time testing requirements for low-pressure human experiments.

Data showing response to gases in real-time, breath by breath analysis of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide in human breath.


In conclusion, the Hiden HPR-20 R&D online gas analyser stands out as an effective tool in different pressure environments, meeting the real-time analysis demands for human testing under low-pressure conditions. This application emphasizes the versatile role the HPR-20 R&D can play in crucial aviation and aerospace research.

Hiden Analytical’s Gas Analysis Products

Hiden Analytical is an industry-leading gas analyser manufacturer that offers specialist solutions to clients worldwide. Our notable products used for low pressure human physiology studies include the following mass spectrometers: QGA, HPR-20 R&D & HPR-20 TMS.

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