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As a leader in patient-focused research, Hiden Analytical continuously pioneers innovative methods to understand human metabolism better. One significant aspect of our work is centred around the analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) present in human exhaled breath. These VOCs are key indicators of cellular metabolic activity, and our state-of-the-art mass spectrometry technology is specifically designed to detect them.

Exploring the Impact of Exercise on Metabolism

The Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) model was to investigate the onset of anaerobic metabolism during exercise in healthy individuals. This study tracked the changes in concentrations of specific VOCs such as Isoprene and Acetone, to monitor the variations in cardiac output and minute ventilation during physical activity.

Methodology at Hiden Analytical: A Comprehensive and Compliant Process

Our study adheres to a detailed and stringent protocol, ensuring accuracy and reliability:

• We begin by pre-screening volunteers using the modified Imperial College Health Questionnaire.

• Next, a 7-hour fasting period with no caffeine intake is enforced for the volunteers.

• Participants then perform a maximal, symptom-limited incremental CPET on a cycle ergometer as per a standardised ramped protocol.

• To analyse exhaled breath, we employ our cutting-edge Hiden HPR-20 TMS mass spectrometry technology.

• Our study encompasses the analysis of eight VOCs associated with anaerobic metabolism.

• The anaerobic threshold is determined by combining the V-slope and ventilatory equivalents methods.

• Finally, data analysis is conducted using MS Excel and SPSS (v22).

Experimental set up using the ergometer for real-time breath analysis

Introducing the Hiden HPR-20 TMS: Our Triple Filter Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Our Hiden HPR-20 TMS is a bench-top gas analysis system featuring:

• Rapid response to permanent gases and vapours in less than 300 ms.

• Real-time continuous analysis capability, with measurable concentrations down to a minimum of 0.1PPM.

• A broad dynamic range.

Decoding Volatile Organic Compounds with Precision

The HPR-20 TMS is calibrated to accurately measure several VOCs, including Isoprene, Acetone, Acetoacetate, 3 OH Butyric Acid (Betahydroxybutyrate), Acetaldehyde, Hode 9/ Hode 13, Lactate, and 2- Cyclopent-1-one. In a recent ground-breaking study involving 12 volunteers, six of the eight analysed VOCs showed significant changes with exercise. Particularly notable were the fluctuations in Acetone, Isoprene, and Betahydroxybutyrate levels, with Betahydroxybutyrate showing a strong inverse relationship between its normalised levels during exercise and peak power output.

Evolution of VOC compounds in human breath during a submaximal exercise protocol using real-time mass spectrometry.

Reinventing Breath Analysis with Real-Time Monitoring

Hiden Analytical’s HPR-20 TMS paves the way for real-time breath-by-breath monitoring of multiple compounds due to its high-speed performance and sensitivity. While this technology currently shows promise in research settings, its potential for bedside monitoring in a clinical setting is exciting. This development could provide instantaneous, critical data, shaping the future of patient care.

Trust Hiden Analytical for precision, speed, and reliability in advanced metabolic studies, as we continue to break new ground in the analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds during exercise.

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