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In our ongoing journey towards environmental stewardship, it’s the individual milestones that collectively make a significant impact. We’re thrilled to spotlight one such milestone today – Alan McKinnon’s achievement in earning his Carbon Literacy Certificate. This certification marks not just a personal triumph for Alan but signifies a broader commitment to sustainability within our community.

The Carbon Literacy Certificate is awarded following a rigorous one-day training program that delves into the fundamental concepts of carbon literacy. This educational initiative is designed to equip participants with the critical knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions and actions towards reducing carbon emissions.

Alan’s accomplishment is a testament to his dedication to understanding and combating climate change. By mastering the principles of carbon literacy, he is now better positioned to implement and advocate for sustainable practices that contribute to a greener future.

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This certification journey reflects our collective commitment to environmental sustainability. It’s a reminder that through education and awareness, we can all play a part in making impactful changes. Congratulations to Alan on this commendable achievement, and may his journey inspire many more to take the step towards carbon literacy and sustainability.