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Our agents in Italy, PRA.MA, exhibited at the GIC 2015 Congress XVIII National Congress of Catalysis joint with 6th Czech-Italian-Spanish Conference on Molecular Sieves and Catalysis & AIZ 2015 Congress (XII National Congress of Zeolites Science and Technology), 14th – 17th June, 2015 in Amantea (CS) Italy.

The Conference is devoted to all aspects of the science and technology associated with ordered porous materials – zeolites, zeotypes, mesostructured materials and metal-organic-frameworks (MOFs) – and application related to the use of these materials in catalysis.

The aim of the meeting is to strengthen the cooperation between the research groups from Czech Republic, Italy and Spain, and contribute to the development of zeolite science and ordered porous materials at the international level.


Aldo Conti from PRA.MA on the Hiden Stand at GIC 2015

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