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Research and development facilities around the world have chosen Hiden’s QGA and HPR-20 atmospheric pressure gas analysis systems to facilitate high sensitivity, fast response studies of process gases, reaction products and breakthrough gases in catalyst characterization, materials screening, fuel cell development and biogas studies – to name just a few of the many applications our systems have addressed over the last 3 decades.

The bench-top mass spectrometer systems are coupled to the user process by the integral robust, flexible, quartz-lined heated capillary with sample consumption rates as low as 1 mL/min and response times as low as 150 milliseconds, and feature a range of dedicated, application specific interfaces including our Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry (DEMS) inlet, for the simultaneous, real time collection of electrochemical data via our fast response quadrupole mass spectrometer, and allows the products produced to be correlated as a function of changes to the electrochemical potential. Our DEMS cell is highly customizable, each being uniquely tailored to the needs of its specific application – allowing for user preferred liquid volumes and electrode positions. Using a semi-porous membrane, the mass spectrometer is isolated from the aqueous media with the membrane preferentially transmitting the dissolved gases and organic vapours for analysis – simultaneously and continuously measuring multiple species in real-time.


System operation, calibration, data acquisition and display are fully automated, with full manual control selectable when required. Integral I/O’s permit import of external data, such as temperature, for integration with the mass spectral display, and output of process detail for process control functions.

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