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Hiden recently exhibited at MTA Cranfield, the UK Surface Engineering Industry Seminar, held 17th February at Cranfield University.

Surface engineering has been recognized as an enabling technology which is capable of addressing some of the key issues faced by the manufacturing industry. The development, application and validation of surface engineering treatments are valuable tools in achieving differentiated products by allowing, at the same time, high materials performance and advanced designs.


This industrial conference day was chaired by Professor Jose L. Endrino, (Cranfield University) and was intended for UK and international engineers and other professionals, from the supply-chain and end-users, as well as for members from academia currently dealing with advanced coating materials for any type of application. This major event, hosted at Cranfield University, aimed to discuss some of the ideas to maintain an active innovation culture in this sector. Several keynote lectures during the morning and afternoon sessions covered some of the present topics in UK Surface Engineering related to power generation, wear protection and tribology and highly functional applications. The event closed with an open discussion about the requirements for UK Surface Engineering industry in the future.

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