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Hiden exhibited at PITTCON Conference & Expo 2016, 6-10 March, held in Atlanta, GA, USA; the Largest Conference in Laboratory Science. Luke, Glen & Jessica were on the Hiden Booth No. 3942 this year.PittconLogo-250x141px

What was showcased on the Hiden Booth this year?

Hiden Gas Analysers 

Hiden featured their latest HPR-20 system for direct real time analysis, quantification and control of gas related processes ranging in pressure from 100 mbar to 50 bar.

The bench-top mass spectrometer systems are coupled to the user process by the integral robust, flexible, quartz-lined heated capillary with sample consumption rates as low as 1 mL/min and response times as low as 150 milliseconds. Process interface options enable analyses through the very broad pressure regime and are suited to diverse application areas including catalysis studies, topgas analysis, measurement of dissolved species, multi-stream monitoring of gas feed and process exhaust lines (up to 80 individual gas streams), process/thermal reaction studies.

System operation, calibration, data acquisition and display are fully automated, with full manual control selectable when required by the researcher. Integral I/O’s permit import of external data, such as temperature and weight, for integration with the mass spectral display and output of process detail for process control functions.


Hiden HPR-20 QIC R&D


Hiden Analytical HPR-40 Dissolved Species Analyser

The HPR-40 DSA  mass spectrometer system was introduced specifically for measurement of gases and vapours in aqueous media. Product development is application driven, with introduction of new media interface styles an on-going process to address novel user requirements and encompassing measurement in areas such as fermentation processing, photosynthesis, electrochemical reaction studies, water quality and soil condition assessment, plant root performance, analysis of enzyme kinetics.

A fine membrane separates the aqueous media from the mass spectrometer sample intake, the membrane providing a very significant enrichment in gaseous throughput relative to that of water vapour. Interface types include insertion probes for direct immersion in the liquid media, flow-through patterns, cuvette styles for photo-sensitive biofuel studies, DEMS cells for monitoring of electrochemical reactions. The media interface flexibility is of significant interest for multiple application users in university and research laboratories, and all systems are equipped with automated inlet isolation to protect the system from overpressure in the event of membrane malfunction.


Cuvette on Stirrer (Top left), DEMS Cell (Top Right), Membrane Inlet Probe (Bottom Left), Kinetic Enzyme Probe (Bottom Right)

How was the show?

PITTCON is a more general application trade show that catered to laboratory equipment and instrumentation. For Hiden this meant that the show allowed for us to raise our company profile in disciplines that were not traditionally familiar with mass spectrometry and potentially branch out into other fields and newer applications. The size of the show was a great benefit as the number of attendees meant that different people stopped by the booth from day to day and that the people that stopped by the booth were largely different from those that stopped by last year. At the same time the general appeal of the show limited the number of people at the show that had an application that could use our products to a fraction of the total attendees.


The Hiden stand at PITTCON 2016


Overall another successful PITTCON for Hiden! We will see you all next year at PITTCON 2017

March 5 – 9, 2017
McCormick Place
Chicago, IL USA

Visit conference website : PITTCON 2017

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