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Hiden Analytical recently exhibited at the RAFT 2017 (Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology) meeting in Bonita Springs, FL. Bringing together the world’s leading researchers from both industry and academia, this biennial meeting focuses on the latest advances in fermentation and cell culture, and the impact this has in chemical, food and pharmaceutical manufacture. The exhibition brought together an international collection of preeminent suppliers of manufacturing and research based tools and instrumentation, process scale up technologies and data analysis methodology – state of the art hardware and software that is the driving force of our industry’s progress.


For our own display, we were delighted to profile our QIC BioStream; our QIC MultiStream fermentation off-gas analysis mass spectrometer system. With up to 80 stream gas handling capability our QIC BioStream is ideally suited to applications in evolved gas analysis, biogas measurements and bio-enzyme studies. The unit features automated measurement and display of, for example, respiratory quotients, carbon dioxide production rate and oxygen uptake rate, and a broad range of gas and vapor species – covering the widest range of aerobic and anaerobic applications.

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