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Between the 16th and 17th September, Hiden representatives were on show at the SIMS Europe 2018 conference having been held in Munster, Germany.

This year’s conference placed a heavy focus towards the future direction in which SIMS will be heading towards whilst keeping in mind the history of the technique as well. Using various techniques such as Plenary and oral sessions, Poster presentation and information courses covering the basics, the conference was able to hold various sessions covering the variety of aspects involved within SIMS:

  • Ultra-high-resolution imaging (both elemental and organic)
  • MS/MS applications
  • Display Technology
  • Electro-mobility

Hiden representatives were present throughout the event, promoting our SIMS workstation and EQS SIMS spectrometer. Spectators at the conference were also introduced to the Hi5 Dual Polarity SIMS workstation.

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