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The QGA compact benchtop mass spectrometer is configured for continuous real time multi-species analysis of both gases and vapours in the pressure range from 2 bar to 100mbar absolute. Applications include thermal analysis, fermentation processes, catalysis and general gas reaction studies.

With mass range to 300amu and detection levels to 100ppb the system features the QGA operating program for quantitative analysis of up to 16 gases and vapours, together with an internal 10-peak spectral library and automated spectral overlap correction. Data is readily integrated in real time with external monitors including temperature, pressure and weight and with external gas monitors for applications such as CO monitoring in the presence of N2. The innovative APSI mode reduces molecular fragmentation by soft ionisation to refine analysis of complex organic molecules and enables selective ionisation of many gas species by selection of specific ionisation energies – helium and deuterium at mass 4 for example.

The flexible 2m long sample interface operates to 200oC and is configured to balance sample consumption to the process requirements with sample consumption rates controllable from 1 to 16 mL/min. Options include high-pressure adaptors for sample pressures to 30 bar, gas stream selectors for selection from up to 80 gas streams and hot-zone extensions for direct sampling from processes to 1000oC.

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Hiden QGA quantitative gas analysis system

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