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The Hiden AutoSIMS is a self-contained, automated, SIMS tool for routine and repetitive surface analysis, ideal for the measurement of thin films, contamination and doping from the top monolayer to many microns in both conductive and insulating material.

Samples are loaded via a modular cassette sample holder and positioned using the computer driven high precision stage. Stored ion gun and analysis recipes will run the tool in fully automatic mode, reporting results in either spreadsheet or custom formats. The long life oxygen ion gun provides a stable beam for the full working day – and night, delivering surface spectra and 3D depth profiles. Analysis position and recipe can also be defined using a simple spreadsheet, allowing the non-expert user to complete a complex experimental matrix with ease.

Although the tool is designed to be run by non-specialist technicians, the full range of SIMS parameters are
available to more advanced users and the AutoSIMS can be used as a formidable research tool in its own right delivering unrivalled depth resolution and cost of ownership at this price.



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