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Hiden Analytical, a leading provider of advanced scientific instrumentation, today announced the successful application of its Quadrupole Focused Ion Beam Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (FIB-SIMS) for lithium-ion battery research. This ground-breaking technique offers unparalleled sensitivity and resolution for low mass detection of lithium, significantly advancing the study of lithium-ion batteries.

As the demand for electric vehicles and portable electronics continues to grow, so does the need for efficient and reliable energy storage systems. Lithium-ion batteries have emerged as a promising solution, but further improvements in performance and safety require a deeper understanding of the complex processes within these batteries. Hiden Analytical’s FIB-SIMS offers a powerful solution to this challenge, enabling researchers to obtain crucial information on lithium distribution and concentration within the battery.

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This breakthrough has been demonstrated in the study “Combined focused ion beam and secondary ion mass spectrometry for high resolution light element detection applied on Li-Ion batteries” published in the August 2021 issue of Microscopy and Microanalysis. The study showcases the capabilities of Hiden Analytical’s FIB-SIMS in detecting low mass elements such as lithium with high sensitivity and precision.

Hiden Analytical’s FIB-SIMS also offers seamless integration with Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopes (FIB-SEM), providing researchers with a myriad of benefits, including correlative imaging, in-situ sample preparation, and 3D elemental analysis. The combination of FIB-SIMS and FIB-SEM allows for a comprehensive understanding of lithium-ion battery microstructures, leading to the development of more efficient and safer energy storage systems.

“We are excited to see the successful application of our FIB-SIMS technology in lithium-ion battery research,” said Dr. Dane Walker, Technical Marketing Manager at Hiden Analytical. “This breakthrough demonstrates our commitment to advancing scientific research and providing cutting-edge solutions for the ever-growing energy storage market.”

For more information on the Hiden Analytical’s Quadrupole Focused Ion Beam Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (FIB-SIMS) and its applications in lithium-ion battery research, please email or visit their website at www.hidenanalytical.com.

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