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The ultra-high vacuum(UHV) pressure regime extends down to less than 10E-11 mbar and provides the optimum environment for the investigation of pure, uncontaminated surfaces and of intermolecular reactions generated by ion, electron and photon stimulation.

The new Hiden EPIC quadrupole mass spectrometer is specifically engineered for such demanding studies, and features very high sensitivity pulse ion counting detection of both positive and negative ions generated within the experiment and of neutral species via the integral electron bombardment ionisation source. The dynamic range of the detector is from 1 count per second up to 10E+7 counts per second, with partial pressure detection levels down to 5xE-16 mbar. Mass range options extend from 50 amu for optimum low-mass performance through to 2500 amu.

A triple-stage mass filter provides high mass resolution and abundance sensitivity, with the pole bias mid-axis potential variable through the range from -100eV to +100eV to optimise transmission efficiency of externally generated ions. Extensive operating modes are accessed through the MASsoft control program, providing full software control of all mass resolution and ionisation parameters. Additional features include the EAMS mode for electron attachment studies of electro-negative species, together with ‘soft’ ionisation for measurement of appearance potential and for spectral simplification.

The control system is fully compatible with the Hiden SIMS and plasma diagnostic systems, to which the EPIC can be reconfigured with the addition of a standard Hiden energy filter. For full system details contact Hiden Analytical at or visit the main website here.

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