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Stephen Haywood, Test and Installation Engineer at Hiden Analytical, recently installed an EQP Mass and Energy Analyser at the University of Strathclyde’s Biomedical Engineering Department. This revolutionary tool will accelerate their research on prosthetic coatings.

EQP Strathclyde Install

The EQP, an advanced Mass Spectrometer, is famed for its precision and speed. It will provide Strathclyde’s researchers unparalleled insights into material behaviour and composition at the molecular level, vital for developing more resilient, biocompatible prosthetic coatings.

The team at Strathclyde is poised for major advancements in prosthetic coatings, thanks to Haywood and Hiden Analytical’s EQP. This union of technology and innovation promises transformative breakthroughs in the world of prosthetics. The future starts here!

Learn more about the EQP or contact us for more information.