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Hiden Analytical Ltd proudly announces the release of its new brochure for the QGA 2.0, the latest advancement in gas analysis technology. The QGA 2.0 represents a significant update from its predecessor, offering enhanced performance and user experience. This next-generation system is lighter, more user-friendly, and environmentally considerate, embodying a blend of innovation, precision, and speed.

Key applications of the QGA 2.0 include carbon capture, hydrogen analysis, environmental monitoring, gas production and storage, fuel cell studies, high purity gas analysis, fermentation off-gas analysis, and thermal analysis. Its advanced features cater to both academic and industrial research needs.

Significant features of the QGA 2.0 include:
Lightweight & Compact Design: Weighs less than 30 kg and occupies 42% less space.
Simplified Start-up: A single button for easy operation.
Enhanced Accessibility: Full feature availability with external communication via OPC drivers.
Advanced Electronics: Improved functionality and ease of servicing.
Sustainability: Eco-friendly design using fewer materials.
Wide Compatibility: Supports all available inlets for gas analysis.
Optimized for Performance: Capable of 1000 measurements per second with a dynamic range from 100 ppb to 100%.
Rapid & Accurate: Response time of less than 300 ms with less than 0.5% error at 1 ppm.
Custom Software: The QGA 2.0 software package is tailored for quantitative gas analysis.

The brochure further details the QGA 2.0’s capabilities in addressing today’s demanding gas analysis requirements. Hiden Analytical Ltd invites researchers and professionals to explore this ground-breaking technology, which sets new standards in gas analysis precision and versatility.

For more details, technical specifications, or to schedule a demonstration, visit the QGA 2.0 product page on hidenanalytical.com,send us an email to or call us on +44 1925 445225.

HAPR0234_QGA 2.0 Brochure

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