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Hiden Analytical is pleased to announce the release of a new brochure for the HPR-60 MBMS (Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry) system, a tool specifically engineered for comprehensive reactive gas and plasma analysis. The brochure details the system’s adaptability across a range of applications, from Plasma Medicine to Environmental Studies, highlighting its capabilities in delivering precise and accurate data in various research settings.

Dr Dane Walker, Technical Marketing Manager, emphasises, “The HPR-60 MBMS brochure reflects our commitment to providing detailed, user-friendly information to support the versatile needs of advanced research.” The brochure illustrates the system’s proficiency in handling complex analyses with features like positive and negative ion analysis, sophisticated ionization techniques, and precise measurement capabilities.

HPR-60 Brochure Spread 600x300px

This informative guide is an essential resource for researchers and professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of reactive gases and plasma phenomena, showcasing the HPR-60 MBMS as a versatile and reliable tool in scientific exploration.

For more details about our HPR-60 MBMS visit our website hidenanalytical.com/HPR-60-MBMS, send us a message, download the latest brochure or give us a call +44 (0) 1925 445225.

Download e-Brochure now: click here

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