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The Hiden Compact SIMS/SNMS tool features full ultrahigh vacuum compatibility to address the requirement for fast, elemental surface characterisation of layer structures, contaminants and impurities. Typical application areas include semiconductor fabrications, glass coatings, metallurgy, photovoltaics, gem stone verification, geology.

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry(SIMS) is a sensitive technique providing analysis of surfaces and of surface layers at the nanometric level. The Hiden system is designed to economically and consistently provide such analytical capability with fast turnaround and minimum complexity, the addition of the SNMS(Sputtered Neutral Mass Spectrometry) operating mode further enabling direct quantification of elemental concentrations.

Samples are mounted on a rotating carousel with capacity for up to 10 samples per analytical sequence. The IG-20 gas-source ion gun is oxygen and argon compatible with adjustable spot size down to just 50 microns to enable both dynamic and static SIMS analyses. Control and operation are integrated with the MAXIM 600P quadrupole detector to provide depth profiling, 2D and 3D spectral imaging and mass spectral data. The integral camera gives real-time imaging and location of the sample, and the optional electron gun enables analysis of insulating surfaces.


Compact SIMS

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