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The new Hiden catalogue describes the full range of Hiden mass spectrometry-based products for vacuum coating and etching processes and for surface evaluation studies. Key new products include the UHV Temperature Programmed Desorption System(TPD system) for thermal desorption studies, monitoring desorption of surface species through temperatures to 1000oC. Two new Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer Systems – the AutoSIMS and Compact SIMS – provide surface diagnostics to the atomic layer level with a choice of fully automated or manual operation.


New Thin Films, Plasma & Surface Engineering Catalogue

The RGA-series products address residual gas analysis through pressures from 1 mbar through to full UHV/XHV. Direct plasma ion monitors – the EQP, PSM and IMP series – provide real-time plasma ion diagnostics and etching end-point determination, monitoring both positive and negative ions together with neutral species. The HPR-60 system with multi-stage pressure reduction extends the plasma diagnostics capability through to pressures as high as 5 bar.

The catalogue is available to download by clicking here or you can request your free print copy via our website here. For further information on all Hiden Analytical products contact Hiden Analytical at or visit the main website by clicking here.

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