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A HPR-20 EGA was recently installed at TU Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany.

The instrument is to be used for the application: product gas analysis for the dynamic investigation of electrochemical CO2 reduction at gas diffusion electrodes.

Research and teaching at the Institute of Chemical and Electrochemical Process Engineering (ICVT) is primarily devoted to porous catalysts and electrodes as well as their application in selected chemical and electrochemical processes. The main research focus in electrochemical engineering is the development of porous electrodes for electrolysis processes, batteries, and waste water treatment. General goal of the institute´s research is the design and improvement of chemical and electrochemical reactors through experimental investigations as well as through modelling and simulation.

Photo:Mr André Kayser from Hiden Analytical Europe GmbH with the HPR-20 EGA

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