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Recently, a Hiden representative in Germany, Sachin Menon from Hiden Analytical Europe GmbH, completed the install of a HPR-20 TMS System at the Institute of Nanotechnology (INT-KIT), Germany.

At the Institute of Nanotechnology (INT-KIT), researchers from the CLUSTER group led by Prof. Horst Hahn developed well-defined model catalyst systems, composed of size-selected clusters of noble metal atoms. As a partner within the TrackAct project (Tracking the Active Site in Heterogeneous Catalysis for Emission Control), CLUSTER group aims to prepare model catalysts and identify the performance of the active sites. In this project, HPR-20 TMS is employed to measure the conversion efficiency of the model systems during different catalytic reactions.

Photo (left to right): Ramin Shadkam & Gleb Iankevich Andreevich from INT-KIT

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