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Hiden Analytical proudly presents the innovative HPR-90 ‘Package Cracker’ fill-gas analyser, an advanced instrument designed for accurate measurement of static fill-gas and residual gases in a wide range of vessel types. The HPR-90 accommodates vessels of various sizes, from multi-litre electric lamps and fluorescent tubes to electronic devices with volumes as small as 10 micro-litres, requiring a total gas sample size of only 0.01 sccm per analysis.

This ground-breaking fill-gas analyser is ideal for a multitude of applications, including:

  • Fill gas analysis: The HPR-90 excels in sealed package analysis, making it perfect for the food packaging industry, where accurate measurement of fill gases is essential.
  • Quality control studies: The HPR-90 aids in identifying defects, such as bubbles in glass, allowing manufacturers to maintain the highest quality standards in their products.
  • Sealed volumes analysis: The analyser is also ideal for electronic device analysis, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of critical components in sealed environments.

The HPR-90 features custom-designed vacuum chamber and sample piercing and cracking mechanisms that optimize gas detection for specified vessel types, with minimized volume and surface area. Gases are efficiently transferred to the directly-coupled analysis chamber, which houses an integrated high-performance mass spectrometer for high precision analysis.

HPR-90 Package Cracker Fill-Gas Analyser

HPR-90 sealed package gas analyser with integral package cracker for lamp gas analysis

Boasting fully automated vacuum operation, measurement sequencing, and sample analysis, the HPR-90 also includes an automated gas calibration manifold with capacitance manometer for precise validation of the mass spectrometer’s performance against specified calibration gas mixtures.

For more information on the Hiden HPR-90 ‘Package Cracker’ fill-gas analyser or any other Hiden Analytical products, please contact Hiden Analytical at or visit their visit their website at www.hidenanalytical.com.

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