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Jim Melling recently visited the Island of Stromboli to install a HPR-20 R&D.  The system is being used monitor soil carbon dioxide levels on the slopes of the volcano.  This data will add to other data collected from the volcano to give an early warning of a major explosion.

Both Jim and the HPR-20 arrived in good shape after a 6 hour ferry ride on rough seas and journey by APE to the sampling point.

Jim was joined by Aldo Conti, Hiden representative in Italy, and a team of volcanologists from INGV Italy.  The daily commute was a steep walk up to the sampling point, with a view of the volcano venting.

Sampling was via a custom made, 1 metre long stainless steel tube with ‘breathing holes’ at the bottom. The tube was forced into the ground at the sampling point and the sample line inserted and sealed.

To allow remote control from the mainland, sampling was via a custom 2 way valve, normally measuring CO2 levels of the sample point.   The valve could be switched to a permanently connected calibration cylinder to allow for calibration or check, using Hiden software connected to a network point.

Learn more about the HPR-20 R&D, or contact us for more information.