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Hiden Analytical have released a NEW Video focusing on Mass Spectrometers for Dissolved Species Analysis Applications.

Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry (MIMS) is an analytical technique used for direct sampling of dissolved gases in liquids and volatile compounds from bulk samples via a semipermeable membrane material.

This technique enables real-time analysis of multiple gas and vapour species with dynamic range from sub-ppb to 100% and requires little to no sample preparation or pre-treatment.

Hiden offers MIMS capabilities in the form of a benchtop HPR-40 DSA system for laboratory-based research and the portable case mounted pQA for applications that favour in-situ measurements in the field. Both of these systems are supplied with a choice of membrane material and user-changeable sample inlets to provide application specific enhancements for a variety of common applications.

Inlet Options:

Direct Membrane Inlet Probe – The probe inlet is a membrane inlet that can be submerged in any liquid or slurry sample. It is used for a wide range of applications.

Large Circular Membrane Cell – Dissolved species flow-through membrane cell with optional integrated thermocouple. Includes liquid flow connections, ideal for circulation applications and rare earth gases.

Enzyme Kinetics Probe – The Enzyme Kinetics Probe was specifically developed to be submerged in enzyme containing samples. All wetted parts are made of glass to avoid sample contamination and side reactions.

Cuvette – The Cuvette Cell is designed to allow temperature and illumination control of a liquid sample – e.g. for algae studies.

Flow-Through Dissolved Species Probe – The Flow-Through Probe is directly mounted on the MS with two ports to allow flow from an external reservoir. It is used for a wide range of dynamic applications.

Denitrification Probe – Flow-through probe with a low flow design for denitrification studies.

Micro-flow Inlet – Flexible capillary inlet for OEMS, on-line electrochemical MS, evolved gas analysis, where evolved gas flow is extremely limited.

Applications Include:

Oceanic Trace Gas Measurements

  • MIMS for low level detection of pollutants
  • Real time analysis of volatile compounds, DMS etc.
  • Climate change studies

Stable Isotope Analysis

  • Monitoring nitrogen pollution in coastal waters
  • Measuring isotopically labelled species in wastewater
  • Specialised inlet technology for denitrification studies

Enzyme Activity Studies

  • Real-time analysis of dissolved gases in enzymatic solutions
  • Direct measurements of reactants and products in real-time
  • Customised light shielding, non-metallic inlets for enzyme studies

Groundwater Studies

  • Analysis of water quality in groundwater systems
  • Flow-through probes for maximum permeation of dissolved species
  • Sub ppb measurement of dissolved noble gases and contaminants

Wastewater & Sludge Analysis

  • Monitoring species for pre-treatment of waste residue for biogas production
  • Thermal hydrolysis studies
  • Direct analysis of volatile species produced e.g. O2, CO2 & acetic acid
  • Allows treatment parameters to be quickly and efficiently analysed

Environmental Research

  • Volcanic gas, water and sediment analysis
  • Analysis of volcanic gases H2S and SO2
  • Rare earth noble gas quantification Ar, Ne, He etc

To find out more about our products for Dissolved Species Analysis Applications: Contact – Hiden Analytical