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Mass Spectrometer for Fuel Cell Studies

Gas Analysis – QIC Series gas analysers measure the concentration of gases and vapours in real time. DEMS cells for differential electro chemistry mass spectrometry.

Surface Analysis – SIMS – Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for high sensitivity surface composition analysis. UHV – TPD – Ultra High Vacuum – Temperature Programmed Desorption for studying adsorption/desorption mechanisms.



QIC Series gas analysers with real-time gas/vapour analysis for reaction studies

  • Analysis of reaction mixtures and product composition
  • Detection of impurities in gas supply streams
  • Detection range from PPB to 100%
  • Mass range of 200 amu for detection of gases such as H2, CH4, NH3, H2O, CO, CO2 and Sulphur containing compounds
  • Simple User Interface


Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer (MIMS) / (DEMS) 

  • Electrochemistry/catalysis studies with the integrated cells for differential electrochemistry mass spectrometry (DEMS)
  • Vitreous carbon electrode for catalyst coating
  • Nanoporous membrane interface to the MS for fast response
  • In situ determination of gaseous and volatile electrochemical reactants, reaction intermediates and products in real time



SIMS surface analysis for characterisation of active surfaces

  • SIMS Workstation for surface composition analysis
  • High sensitivity – sub ppb detection of trace



UHV TPD Workstation system for studying adsorption/desorption mechanisms

  • Low background/High signal for optimum detection of desorption species
  • 1000°C Sample stage with zero outgassing sample holder


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