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Jim Melling, Senior Applications Specialist from Hiden Analytical, recently visited Carlisle where he carried out a demo of our pQA instrument alongside Isabel Thomlinson from iCAST (Innovation Centre for Applied Sustainable Technologies – University of Bath). The pQA was set up to measure possible contaminants in industrial effluent. The pQA was able to be sited directly above the effluent channel. Power in this case was provided from the mains so the car battery was left in the car!

pqa demo in carlisle
Initial analysis used the extended probe, positioned directly in the channel. Subsequent analysis used a small peristaltic pump to pump the effluent to a flowthrough cell containing a ‘large surface area’ membrane connected to the pQA. Some challenges dealing with a fast flowing, sediment rich effluent but in both cases, real time quantitative results were obtained using QGA 2 software. A good test for the pQA in very cold temperatures!

pqa demo in carlisle_instrument

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