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In this recently published “Thought Leaders” interview, Dr. Ezra Lee Clark, postdoctoral research associate at Technical University Denmark talks about his work on electrocatalysis. Electrocatalysis takes electricity from renewable sources and waste products from industrial processes, such as CO2 , and in one step combines them to produce something useful while mitigating what would otherwise be discharged into the environment.

Dr Clark also discusses the role he played in the development of the Hiden type B dual thin layer DEMS cell and how this device from Hiden can help to improve electrocatalysis.

Read the full article on AZOM here.

The Hiden HPR-40 DEMS is a bench top or mobile cart mounted module for analysis of dissolved species in electrochemistry. The system is modular and adaptable. The system includes two differential electrochemical mass spectrometry ‘DEMS’ cell inlets, designed for material/ catalysis studies, cell type A, and electrochemical reaction studies, cell type B.