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Mass spectrometry as a technique has grown significantly in recent decades, with many analytical requirements are addressed by mass spectrometry in some form or other.

The techniques of ionisation, mass separation and detection are varied, and the process is now used in analytical sectors ranging from relatively simple vacuum and vacuum process monitoring to the more complex life sciences and biomedical applications.

Peter Hatton and Dr David Lundie of Hiden Analytical have written an article “Mass Spectrometry in Real Time” recently published in the July edition of Labmate UK & Ireland. In this article they address the little known but powerful technique of real time mass spectrometry by quadrupole mass spectrometry applied to gas analysis and dissolved gas analysis in environmental studies, catalysis, electrochemistry and thermo-gravimetric mass spectrometry, TG-MS. The article describes how the technology works, and how it is applied to several key applications at near atmospheric pressure with both portable and laboratory devices.

hpr-20 tms

Read the complete article here (First published in Labmate UK & Ireland, Volume 45, Issue 5)