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Hiden Analytical release their new brochure featuring the full range of quadrupole mass spectrometers designed specifically for vacuum process monitoring. Systems cover the full pressure range from UHV(background species, leak detection) through to the millibar regime(process monitoring, control and protection).

The higher pressure regimes are addressed by the Hiden HPR-30 system. Together with integrated dry vacuum pumping and overpressure protection the system is configured to mount directly to the process chamber. Mounted on the high-stability mobile monitor pillar the system is readily adjustable both vertically and horizontally and is easily moved to alternative process system sampling points. The 300 amu mass range is applicable to the majority of process environments, with alternative mass range options available for specialised applications.

HPR-30 vacuum process monitor

HPR-30 vacuum process monitor

At lower pressures below 5×10-3 millibar the dual-mode Hiden HMT residual gas analyser(RGA) utilizes the Faraday detector for high pressure operation yet operates at low pressure to UHV with electron multiplier detection and full-sensitivity to give partial pressure detection to 2×10-13 millibar, a dynamic range of more than 10 decades. The HALO and HAL RGA series are optimised for operation at the lower pressure regimes with extensive mass range options up to 1000 amu and minimum detectable partial pressures down to 5X10-15 millibar. All systems can be process integrated to combine process(temperature for example) and mass spectrometer data in a common spectral presentation.

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