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Hiden release a New Video featuring the QGA Quantitative Gas Analyzer; a bench-top multi-stream gas analyzer. It is designed for real-time multiple gas & vapor analysis with wide dynamic range. Hiden Analytical’s Quantitative Gas Analyzer, QGA, is a compact bench-top gas analyzer, designed for real-time, multiple gas and vapor analysis with a wide dynamic range. The QGA system is highly sensitive, with a mass range of 200 AMU, and a detection range from 100% down to 100 parts per billion.


  • Simplified set up and operation from template files
  • Real-time graphical and tabular data displays
  • Automatic calibration with background correction
  • Quantitative data output and data export for up to 16 species
  • OPC data available as raw data or %/ppm quantitative output
  • Gas/vapor mass spectral library with intelligent scan feature
  • Precise fragmentation pattern recording
  • Automatic subtraction of spectral overlaps



  • High purity gas analysis
  • Fermentation
  • Fuel cells
  • Gas production & storage
  • Environmental monitoring

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