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An all-new vertical and mobile mounting tower gives the Hiden HPR-30 low-pressure process gas analyser stable support for mounting directly to small and light-loading process chamber ports at heights up to 1.8M(6ft).

The HPR-30, operating in the pressure regime 1mbar through to ultra-high vacuum, provides real-time measurement of gas composition in multiple low-pressure processes including vacuum coating, plasma etch and deposition, ALD and CVD for example. The quadrupole mass spectrometer-based system is complete with differential turbo-molecular pumping, on-board vacuum gauge selector valves for auto-switching between system base and process pressure, PC interface and Hiden MASsoft control program.

The system is fully programmable for automated operation and data reporting. Multiple I/O channels enable two-way communication with the process control system to maintain process integrity, providing confirmation of process gas status, gas control valve function and shut-off efficiency, contamination levels and air leakage ingress, and the HPR-30 additionally functions as a very high sensitivity leak detector selectable for optimised operation with helium or any alternative search gas.



Hiden HPR-30 with Support Tower

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