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Dr. Dane Walker from Hiden Analytical recently presented at the 7th International Conference “ALD FOR INDUSTRY” on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, during the Tutorial, Workshop & Industrial Exhibition segment. This distinguished event aims to bridge the gap between the fundamental science of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), its industrialization, and commercialization, highlighting the multifaceted growth and application of this groundbreaking technology.

ALD, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Silicon Wafer

The well recieved presentation entitled “Analytic Methods for ALD Technologies -An in-depth look at mass spectrometry for the characterisation of ALD Processes” covered:

  • ALD Processes can be optimised by characterisation methods such as Mass Spectrometry
  • Specialist Mass Spectrometry systems such as the Hiden HPR-30 allow for real time monitoring of processes over a range of pressures and conditions
  • For processes such as PA-ALD and Pulsed ALD Mass spectrometry systems such as the Hiden EQP allow for analysis of neutrals and ionn with options to analyse time resolved species in Pulsed ALD

Download the presentation and learn more or contact us to speak to one of our technical experts.