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Hiden Analytical introduce the SIMS applications catalogue.

Originally developed for semiconductor applications, SIMS depth profiling provides ppm sensitivity and nanometre depth resolution; characterising the composition as a function of depth.  This powerful technique is now applied in fields as diverse as metallic and optical coatings, corrosion and adhesion analysis, metallurgy and biomedical applications and energy materials research.  The use of mass spectrometry uniquely allows SIMS to be used for stable isotope diffusion studies and nuclear engineering.

SIMS Applications

Hiden produces a variety of SIMS tools ranging from the semi-portable Compact SIMS which is suitable for laboratory and production analysis, through to the SIMS Workstation instruments which are fully featured research tools sporting multiple ion guns (typically oxygen and caesium), automatic sample stages for 24-hour unattended operation, ultra-high vacuum performance and high sensitivity spectrometers.  Options are available to customise instruments by adding XPS or ToF-SIMS (time-of-flight) analysers to further enhance the analytical capability.  Hiden also specialise in adding SIMS to other surface analysis instruments and existing vacuum systems, bringing the power of the technique to new fields. 

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