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The efficiency of synchrotron light sources is heavily dependent on the vacuum quality within the beam lines. Small mass spectrometers (RGAs) are routinely utilized to provide real-time vacuum monitoring for confirmation of contaminant status, and the associated radiation level is a potential issue. Hiden Analytical manufacture quadrupole mass spectrometers with radiation hardened electronics having operation established at radiation levels in the regime of 1x10E7 Rads per annum.

In higher dosage environments the electronics need further protection, one route being to install radiation shielding around the most sensitive component areas. This potentially introduces accessibility and convenience implications for routine maintenance and service functions and as an alternative Hiden Analytical introduce a new system, the HAL-101RH, with remote RF/PC interfaces to enable all active electronic components to be mounted at up to 15m from the vacuum gauge head.

The system offers a mass range to 100amu and dual Faraday/electron multiplier detection with partial pressure detection to 10E-12mbar. The RF and PC interfaces are each 19 inch rack mounting by 2U height, and the system is supplied complete with 15m gauge head connecting cables.


Hiden HAL100-RH remote RGA system

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