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A new interface for the QIC-series quadrupole gas analysers, the QIC-SC interface, encloses an element of the QIC sampling line within a flexible outer stainless steel bellows sealing directly to the internal wall of the process or environment enclosure to ensure totally secure containment of the enclosed environment with just the analyte extracted. The analyte extraction rate from near atmospheric pressure is just 1mL/minute.


Hiden QIC-SC inlet showing hand grip and enclosure sealing flange

The heated sampling line can be positioned within the enclosure for precise location of the sampling point. In glovebox applications the sampling point can then be manipulated manually by the integral handgrip for precise leak location, for connection to individual internal containers and for load lock integrity testing for example.

The QIC-series systems are bench-top or cart mounting and include mass spectrometer options for analysis of gaseous species with molecular weights typically up to 300 amu, together with alternative mass ranges to 1000 amu for specialised applications. The Transient MS variant is available for users requiring the very fastest response times.

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