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Secondary ion mass spectrometry(SIMS) is a versatile, highly sensitive technique for compositional analysis of surfaces from the atomic level through to depths of 100’s of nanometres. Hiden Analytical extend their latest series of SIMS systems to offer the choice of equipment specification levels to suit a broad spread of budget capacities whilst maintaining the potential to subsequently expand to the top-level specification. All systems are totally UHV compatible and feature the Hiden dual-mode MAXIM mass spectrometer operating both in the secondary ion mode and in the secondary neutral(SNMS) mode for data quantification.

The entry level foundation system is supplied with the IG-20 fine-focus(50 micron) oxygen/argon ion gun, multiple sample holder and primary ion beam monitor. An uplifted version – the SIMS Workstation – is configured for higher throughput rates with the addition of a sample load lock and sample manipulator, together with charge-neutralising electron flood gun and system bakout facility. The SIMS Workstation Plus has the most comprehensive specification with the addition of the IG-5C Caesium ion gun for electronegative species, having a spot size of just 20 micron.

The MASsoft Professional SIMS PC data system provides automated measurement of positive and negative ions and of neutral species. It enables full control of the mass spectrometer, the ion gun operating parameters and the ion beam raster area and scan rate, with acquired data presented in real time. The ESM LabVIEW SIMS Imaging program acquires, stores and displays the data for presentation in the form of elemental surface maps with both 2D and 3D view capabilities.

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