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Ion Source Options

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A range of ion source options for residual gas analysis

Hiden produces a wide variety of ion source types which can be fitted to our full range of RGAs. Ion source types are crucial to the performance of a RGA and having the ability to specify which source you require ensures our RGAs are custom configured for specific applications.



Standard RGA A radially symmetric configuration for general applications

UHV Low Profile Optimised for UHV TPD Studies enabling closer proximity of the ion source to the evolution surface

Closed Source For high pressure studies with direct gas input used in conjunction with a differential pumping stage for the analyser

XBS Cross Beam Configured specifically for MBE deposition rate monitoring and control

Basic Cross Beam Used for analysis of molecular beams, where the beam may be liable to condense on ioniser surfaces. The source features an unobstructed pathway through the ionising region of the source. External shrouds are available to protect the quadrupole mass filter from condesing species

Laser Cross Beam Source Includes two orthagonal unobstructed pathways for laser proton ionisation within the source cage region, providing an alternative to electron impact and electron attachment ionisation

4 Lens Ion Optics with Integrated Ioniser Additionally enables analysis of low energy positive and negative ions generated externally to the analyser. For electron, photon and laser stimulated desorption studies

Platinum Ion Source This source is configured for improved operation in reactive gases. Radially symmetric, UHV compatible

Gold Plated Ion Source This source is configured to minimise the effects of source outgassing. Radially symmetric, UHV campatible. Available as Standard or Low Profile options


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The system is supplied with MASsoft Professional software.

This Windows 10 and Windows 11 compatible software allows control of the instrument via USB 2.0, RS232 or Ethernet. Provides comprehensive I/O for data output and for reading data from external devices for integration and display with mass spectrometer data.

The iRGA software is a new and intuitive application for routine vacuum monitoring. It is designed to be simple and automatic.

  • automatically provides partial pressure data for the common residual gas and vapours, including hydrogen, helium, water, nitrogen, oxygen, argon and a custom gas.
  • includes a new tablet view where the background colour changes depending on alarm condition
  • includes a trend view, scan, leak detection and maintenance modes
  • includes alarm function to send alerts to internal I/O, Wi-Fi and by email