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Heriberto Pfeiffer works at the Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México at Mexico city. His research interests are focused on different topics as: i) the CO2 capture and catalytic conversion to added product values; ii) the sorption and reduction/oxidation of other acid polluted compounds (CO and NOx); iii) the hydrogen production through different catalytic reactions (reforming, water gas shift, partial oxidation and biomass pyrolysis reactions, among others); iv) the preparation and evaluation dense ceramic membranes for CO and CO2 permeation; and v) the synthesis and evaluation of solid cathodes and electrolytes for Li-ion batteries.

In all these research fields, Heriberto Pfeiffer is interested in studying the synthesis, structural and microstructural characterization, as well as the different applications taking into account diverse physicochemical aspects, such as the crystal structure, textural properties of the materials, their reactivity and thermo kinetics characteristics. Among these research lines, several sorption and catalytic experiments are performed using a catalytic flow reactor (CATLAB-PCS) coupled with QGA mass spectrometer, both from Hiden Analytical. For example, in a recent work (Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 275 (2020) 119119), he and his research group used these high-quality instruments to analyze and propose the NO storage and reduction (NSR) on Li2CuO2, for the first time. These results probed that NO is chemically sorbed and stabilized on this ceramic, proposing a reaction mechanism for the lithium nitrate formation, based on the Mars–Van Krevelen model. Moreover, the results evidenced a high stability during cycling processes. Thus, there were established interesting bases to analyze and allow to a double NO NSR-SCR process in the future, using alkaline ceramics.

The Hiden CATLAB & QGA in the laboratory

Project summary by: Heriberto Pfeiffer, Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Circuito exterior s/n, Cd. Universitaria, Del. Coyoacán C.P. 04510, Ciudad de México, Mexico

Paper Reference: Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2020, 275, 119119 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apcatb.2020.119119

Hiden Product: CATLAB-PCS & QGA

Project Summary Reference: AP-QGA-202038

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