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Thin Films

Thin films manufactured at the nanometre to micron scale are part of our everyday life and used in:

  • Special coatings for glass
  • Devices in our computers
  • Memory storage devices
  • Read/Write heads
  • Machine tools
  • Displays
  • Functional coatings

UHV analysis systems enable thin films to be studied with a minimum of contamination from the atmosphere

UHV Instruments

This presentation describes two instruments that provide vital Information for researchers creating the next generation materials.

  • UHV-TPD Workstation for Ultra High Vacuum Temperature Programmed Desorption studies. UHV-TPD is a technique for the study of thermal effusion, and passivation.
  • SIMS/SNMS Workstation and SIMS components, Secondary ion mass spectrometry and its complimentary technique secondary neutral mass spectrometry. SIMS/SNMS are techniques for surface composition analysis . Chemical mapping across the surface and 3D depth profiling.

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