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Solutions for your Catalysis Research

Compact Tool – for Quantitative Gas Analysis

Hiden Analytical supplies precise and user-friendly tools for quantitative gas and vapour analysis. Our compact Hiden QGA system is a high performance gas analyser configured for real-time continuous monitoring of multiple species with an extremely wide dynamic range.

CATLAB-PCS – for Catalyst Characterisation

Hiden Analytical is an industry-leading supplier of microreactors and mass spectrometer systems for complex areas of research, including catalyst characterization, screening, and reaction studies. 

SpaciMS – for Determination of Intra Catalyst Reactor Chemistry

SpaciMS allows both radial and axial species determination and temperature profiles, with high spatial and temporal resolution and with negligible interference in flow or temperature.

Your Specific Application Requirements Addressed

Contact Hiden Analytical to Find Solutions for your Catalysis research. 

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