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Plasma Characterisation


Time-Resolved Ion Flux Measurements in Pulsed Electron-Beam-Generated Plasmas
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Time-resolved ion flux measurements in pulsed electron-beam-generated plasmas. ...

Pulsed DC Operation of a Penning-Type Opposed Target Magnetron
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Pulsed DC operation of a Penning-type opposed target magnetron. ...

Pressure and Input Power Dependence of Ar/N2H2 Inductively Coupled Plasma Systems
215.84 KB

Pressure and input power dependence of Ar/N2H2 inductively coupled plasma systems. ...

Positive Sheath Behaviour in Low Pressure Argon Plasma
206.17 KB

Positive sheath behaviour in low pressure Argon plasma. ...

Plasma Implanted Ultra Shallow Junction Boron Depth Profiles: Effect of Plasma...
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Plasma implanted ultra shallow junction boron depth profiles: Effect of plasma chemistry...

Plasma Diagnostics in Large Area Plasma Processing System
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Plasma diagnostics in large area plasma processing system ...

Optical Emission Spectroscopy and Energy-Resolved Mass Spectroscopy in Pulsed DC Magentron..
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Optical emission spectroscopy and energy-resolved mass spectroscopy in pulsed DC...

On the Extraction of Positive & Negative Ions from Electron-Beam-Generated Plasmas
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On the extraction of positive & negative ions from electron-beam-generated plasmas. ...

Mass Spectrometric Studies of Plasmas used for Surface Treatment
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Mass-resolved Ion Energy Distributions in Continuous Dual Mode Microwave/Radio Frequency...

Low Energy Ion Implantation using Non-Equilibrium Glow Discharge
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Low energy ion implantation using non-equilibrium glow discharge. ...